The Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center is the only specialized medical Institution of this kind in Russia which combines science, treatment, production and training.

     The Center was founded in 1990 to introduce into clinical practice the advanced technologies protected by the trade mark "Alloplant". The Center includes: the eye and plastic surgery department, Alloplant production laboratory, department of the psychophysiological training of vision, laboratory of the contact correction of vision and individual eye prosthetics; scientific laboratories (for morphology, histochemistry, electronic microscopy, immunology, biochemistry and neurophysiology) and stomatologic department. The Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center is the clinical base for training home and foreign specialists to the Alloplant technologies. In Moscow the Center has its branch.

     The basic theoretical developments of Alloplant were carried out in 1970-1975 and since 1974 Alloplants have been used in clinical practice.

     At present Alloplants are being used in more than 200 clinics in Russia and other republics of the former USSR. More than one million surgeries have been performed with Alloplants. The Alloplant technologies allow to help those patients who could not be cured by other methods of treatment. For the last two decades Alloplants have manifested their high efficacy in treatment of diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, optic nerve atrophy,uveitis, vein thrombosis of the retina, leucomas, traumata, keratitis, myopia, tumors, burns, congenital defects.

     New technologies are protected by 10 foreign patents (USA, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy) and 28 patents of the Russian Federation. The results of the scientific research are presented in 120 publications in Russia and abroad. The Center researchers participate in the International congresses and symposiums. Alloplant is awarded with gold medals at the International exhibitions. 58 types of Alloplants and 80 new surgeries and their modifications are developed in the Center.

     The Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center is ready to cooperate with you in different fields. We can train your specialists to the methods of treatment using Alloplants. After training we could supply Alloplants to your clinic for you to use them in surgeries. We will be pleased to consider your proposals if there are any as regards other forms of our cooperation.

     From time of foundation till present days the Center's head is D.M., professor, the honourable consultant of Luiswill University (USA), international member of American Academy of Ophthalmology, certificated ophthalmologist of Mexico, member of International Science Academy, Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev.

Ernst Rifgatovich Muldashev

     Muldashev Ernst Rifgatovich, DMS, professor, Director of the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center (Ufa, Russia), higher category surgeon, honorable consultant of the Louisville University (USA), member of the American Academy of Ophthalmology, certificated ophthalmologist of Mexico, member of the International Academy of Science, three times Champion of the USSR in sport tourism.

     Prof.Muldashev E.R. - inventor of the surgical biomaterial "Alloplant". With the usage of the Alloplant biomaterials, the Center treats the patients who earlier were thought to be incurable (optic nerve atrophy, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa e.t.c.). The Alloplant invention opened up new opportunities for the development of the regenerative surgery - the surgery, oriented to the "growth" of the human tissues.

     The scientist has developed more than 70 fundamentally new eye and plastic operations. Almost one hundred different types of the Alloplant biomaterials were invented and introduced into practice and new kinds constantly being developed. Prof.Muldashev E.R is the author of more than 300 articles, published in Russia and other countries. In 1999 he published a book "Whom we are originated from". He has patents of Russia, USA, Germany, France, Switzerland and Italy. His works have been awarded by two gold medals of the International exhibitions. Ernst R. Muldashev visited more than 40 countries with lectures and demonstrative operations. He is an active surgeon, performing 300-400 surgeries a year.

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